Three steps to build the best truck driver recruiting plan

Before we go any further, answer this question:

Have you ever had a hard time meeting your driver recruiting targets?

Turnover is a fact of life in any organization, but none deal with it quite like the trucking industry. According to the American Trucking association, at the average carrier nearly 100% of drivers turn over every year. And with the current well-known shortage of truck drivers, putting together a driver recruiting plan that meets team size goals and delivery commitments is tough even for businesses with the most stable team.

According to John Ellis of Fleet Nation Logistics, "We have four recruiters for a fleet of eighty trucks, and it's always been a struggle for us to keep up our numbers. We've tried facebook ads, google ads and referral services, plus shorter online applications, but as a small carrier our insurance limits who we can hire."

Given the huge limitations of who you can hire, it's critical to get the best onboard. One strategy that works well for some truck driver recruiting offices is a "funnel" approach. Basically, think of your recruiting process as a funnel. Drivers "pour down the funnel" as they go through the steps of your hiring process, from seeing your opportunity, to filling out an interest form, filling out a job app, interviewing and finally starting work. Like a funnel, drivers drop off at each stage when they don't make it through the next action. To see results, you need to make each stage as enjoyable as possible.

Today I’m going to show you three ways to improve your driver recruiting plan.

Let’s get started!

1: Start Small & Whet their Appetite

Last time you bought a car, did you pick out, purchase, and take it home all in one visit? Didn't think so. Much like buying a car, taking a new job is a huge decision, so why do you expect your drivers to go through the entire process all in one step? Instead, you need to think like a salesmen: you're selling YOUR company to potential drivers. So start small: instead of a full driver employment application, have a short driver recruiting form available with just name, email and phone number. Then, when drivers sign up, put them on your mailing list and feed them content regularly. Even if they aren't ready to jump right now, this will keep your trucking company at the top of their minds, so when they do move - they consider you. There are many different types of driver recruiting software that can help with this, for both small and large trucking companies.

2: Keep your driver job applications short

Nobody likes filling out long forms, and on the hunt for applicants having an application that's too long can really hurt your trucker recruiting. According to a study by Workforce, each additional question on a job application reduces the chance that someone will complete the form by 5%! Now, trucking applications have to contain more questions than the average job app - but that doesn't mean they need to be painful. Think very carefully about what you really need - and don't need - on a driver job application. If you don't need it (or you can get it elsewhere), cut it. Your drivers will thank you - and you'll see it in your hiring metrics.

3: Use e-signatures for quick hiring turnaround

We all know that the dance between drivers and companies to sign required FMCSA authorization forms is annoying. But did you know that you may lose applicants because of it? With so many job options, drivers naturally gravitate to application processes that they can complete quickly and on their own schedule. To handle it, consider using low-cost driver recruiting software that handles background check authorization forms automatically for you, as part of the job application. Under DOT regulations, you don't actually need a physical signature on a driver job application to run the required checks: digital solutions will do. With e-signatures, you can shave a month off this turnaround and increase your offer acceptance rate by 20-30%!

With these few tips you're well on your way to hitting those targets.


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